Become a Seekqua Student Brand ambassador
Student Brand Ambassadors are responsible for driving brand awareness, downloads, and growing inventory while representing Seekqua’s brand image at your University.
Guiding others into the outdoors
SBA responsibility is to guide others while seeking memorable experiences. The Seekqua app assists others to discover what the outdoor lifestyle entails. You are to help direct them through growing gear inventory, community relations, outdoor sports related clubs, and adventure-inspiring social media posts.
You’re a disrupter. You bash into some walls. You want to lead change. Your ideas will be heard with us.
You are one who acts on creativity. You think of new ideas and are able to take the next step. We will assist your creativity and give you necessary tools.
You set outside of your comfort zone often. You are willing to take risks. The time you spend outdoors has helped you develop risk taking skills, and will continue to.
You mesh well with others. You are relatable. You have a following, people are influenced by you online and offline.
A Passion for the outdoors
The backbone to Seekqua is a daringness to experience. This comes in many forms. You are stoked to get out, take risks, & discover adventure. All while desiring to share the stoke with others.
The Responsibilities
App Feedback support
Hear from your peers, discover bugs and features that need fine tuning.
Drive Downloads
Main focus of this position is to drive downloads and get your peers to post their gear to help build inventory.
Content creation
Helping create organic social content for Seekqua.